Monday, November 17, 2014

5 Sex ACTIONS That Every Man Must Try In BED!

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Being a man like you – with a romantic wife or a hot girlfriend, isn't that easy. Of course, you have countless things to remember; from various responsibilities such as job, business, romance or even SEX!

But if you think you're already flooded with sex tips and still end up being “the loser guy in bed,” oops! It's time to reboot! Perhaps, you're following an inappropriate pattern!

So, what should you do? Prefer staying in the “dull zone?” Absolutely not! This time... spice it up! Make something new! Even if it’s only for this time, be the man to fulfil her sexual fantasies.

How? Here are 5 sex moves that will make you the heroic guy of her erotic tales. Remember to do this in the right sequence. If you don't, you're wasting time. Let's start with “lickety-split with the lovely Canberra Escorts!”

1. Lickety-Split Move

“Timer starts now!”

Go down off the border. Make her lay on her back with legs spread and her knees a little bit twisted. Imagine the picture? In this state, you'll have the maximum entry from the top of her pussy to the bottom. This time, be an explorer!

Your fingers should also be a part of this! Use them to pull her outer labia apart and lightly lick every inch of her, all the way up to her clitoris – teasing and fondling it with the tip of your tongue.

Don't FORGET! Take your time.

2. Missionary Strikes

“Not the usual!”

As the oral ritual continues, observe her if she's nearing climax. And when she does...this is the moment you've been waiting for! Slide your brazen cock into her wetness as you push her over the edge. Once you've entered the “pussy land, “wrap her legs around you for backing.

Remember; don't feel too comfortable with this since you won't be in this position for long! This is just a portal to more exciting stages.

Continue the pleasure by tangling your hands up in her hair, kissing her aggressively, and nibbling on her bottom lip! And when you find the perfect tempo, transcend her to the next stage.

3. Constructing the Bridge

“Don't you remember? You're the SEX engineer here!”

After the orgasmic missionary, rise to your knees and aid her to be in the 'bridge position' – facing up, utilising all her four limbs to elevate her writhing body. Then, put her hands on your shoulders for support, while her feet are being anchored inside your knees. (Feel it?)

From that stance, lift her seductive hips up to meet yours.
This will make her squeeze you between her inner thighs – to sustain the balance as you rock with your throbbing cock!

This is great for G-spot stimulation. But only hold this for a minute or two, for it would zap quite an amount of her energy, unless, you want it to stop right then? (Don't!)

4. Down to the BED!

“Harder and harder...”

Now, time's up for the bridge! It’s back to the bed again. But this time, let her hold on to the tip of it while your legs up against your core. Then kneel! Rest back against your feet and secure her – your hand on her thigh. Then, continue the pleasure by penetrating her harder.

While you're inside, amplify her excitement by rubbing her swelling nipples!

5. The Home Run

“You're now in the last round dude.”

Raise your knees and lift both her legs. Then, place your hands around her ankles and stretch your arms to the side. (It’s like holding a huge letter V!)

For sure, this angle will make her more comfortable and will give you a greater control of your tempo and the deepness of your penetration. Plus, how would you feel seeing a greater view of her breasts and her face during climax? (Aroused?)

Where did I learn all of these?

Perhaps, you're wondering. Okay... Actually, I learned all this stuff from one of the alluring vixens of Canberra escorts!

This is totally proven!