Monday, November 17, 2014

5 Sex ACTIONS That Every Man Must Try In BED!

Canberra Escorts
Being a man like you – with a romantic wife or a hot girlfriend, isn't that easy. Of course, you have countless things to remember; from various responsibilities such as job, business, romance or even SEX!

But if you think you're already flooded with sex tips and still end up being “the loser guy in bed,” oops! It's time to reboot! Perhaps, you're following an inappropriate pattern!

So, what should you do? Prefer staying in the “dull zone?” Absolutely not! This time... spice it up! Make something new! Even if it’s only for this time, be the man to fulfil her sexual fantasies.

How? Here are 5 sex moves that will make you the heroic guy of her erotic tales. Remember to do this in the right sequence. If you don't, you're wasting time. Let's start with “lickety-split with the lovely Canberra Escorts!”

1. Lickety-Split Move

“Timer starts now!”

Go down off the border. Make her lay on her back with legs spread and her knees a little bit twisted. Imagine the picture? In this state, you'll have the maximum entry from the top of her pussy to the bottom. This time, be an explorer!

Your fingers should also be a part of this! Use them to pull her outer labia apart and lightly lick every inch of her, all the way up to her clitoris – teasing and fondling it with the tip of your tongue.

Don't FORGET! Take your time.

2. Missionary Strikes

“Not the usual!”

As the oral ritual continues, observe her if she's nearing climax. And when she does...this is the moment you've been waiting for! Slide your brazen cock into her wetness as you push her over the edge. Once you've entered the “pussy land, “wrap her legs around you for backing.

Remember; don't feel too comfortable with this since you won't be in this position for long! This is just a portal to more exciting stages.

Continue the pleasure by tangling your hands up in her hair, kissing her aggressively, and nibbling on her bottom lip! And when you find the perfect tempo, transcend her to the next stage.

3. Constructing the Bridge

“Don't you remember? You're the SEX engineer here!”

After the orgasmic missionary, rise to your knees and aid her to be in the 'bridge position' – facing up, utilising all her four limbs to elevate her writhing body. Then, put her hands on your shoulders for support, while her feet are being anchored inside your knees. (Feel it?)

From that stance, lift her seductive hips up to meet yours.
This will make her squeeze you between her inner thighs – to sustain the balance as you rock with your throbbing cock!

This is great for G-spot stimulation. But only hold this for a minute or two, for it would zap quite an amount of her energy, unless, you want it to stop right then? (Don't!)

4. Down to the BED!

“Harder and harder...”

Now, time's up for the bridge! It’s back to the bed again. But this time, let her hold on to the tip of it while your legs up against your core. Then kneel! Rest back against your feet and secure her – your hand on her thigh. Then, continue the pleasure by penetrating her harder.

While you're inside, amplify her excitement by rubbing her swelling nipples!

5. The Home Run

“You're now in the last round dude.”

Raise your knees and lift both her legs. Then, place your hands around her ankles and stretch your arms to the side. (It’s like holding a huge letter V!)

For sure, this angle will make her more comfortable and will give you a greater control of your tempo and the deepness of your penetration. Plus, how would you feel seeing a greater view of her breasts and her face during climax? (Aroused?)

Where did I learn all of these?

Perhaps, you're wondering. Okay... Actually, I learned all this stuff from one of the alluring vixens of Canberra escorts!

This is totally proven!

Friday, October 24, 2014

3 Lewd But Potent Strategies To Liven Up A Lackluster Sex Life

Many guys presume that fucking is so brief and smooth. The issue is that many vixens are so disappointed that their men are suddenly becoming so boring in bed. So instead of being totally disillusioned, and simply brush off all that transpired last night, Escort Girls in Canberra has a couple of fascinating methods on how to change a lackluster and dismal evening of sexual activity into something truly awesome, and terribly orgasmic.

Add A Bit Of Lust To Your Love Life

One element that makes sex horrifically dreary and unfulfilling is the intellectual disconnect amongst lovers. If you and your husband or wife or partner find sex to be so unexciting that you're used to checking the ants on the ceiling, why not try adding a lot of lust into your sex life?

The lust and yearning however should come out or happen naturally, and it can't be instructed or dictated. Try mentioning stuff that you'll exclusively discover in sex sites movies like “I'd like to see you come”, “you're so f_cking hot”, and other erotic phrases. And although you and your lover may have several off-days just sit back, don't immediately dive to assumptions, and learn from your bloopers in bed.

Slow Things Down

Many guys often worry about coming too fast when having sex. To prolong the tryst, why not literally slow things down and do something else (like fondle and buss her hips and legs), as opposed to steering your cock straight to her love tunnel? Guys could completely learn to increase their climaxing by loosening up, and jacking off gently for 20 minutes or so.

To successfully slow everything down, couples could expend time fondling, nibbling and petting each other (in other parts of the complete body), until they both begin to get aroused. For example, guys could massage their lover's genitals with quick, and long strokes by using either their hands and fingers or tongue. Make sure to ask your mate if she's reached 8 or 9, on a pleasure scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the maximum.

Another way to liven up an otherwise dreary sex life will be to begin getting naughty early in the day. You can call your partner at work (or in school), and tell him or her exactly what you would like to carry out to them in bed later this evening when they get home. By regularly doing this, Lovely Canberra Escorts stresses that both partners will be contemplating of nothing but hot & steaming intercourse for hours. 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Canberra Escorts: Don't Get Stuck With Doing The Missionary Stuff

Most boys wrongly assume that they know every little thing in bed. Well, the truth is that even if you've had sex a lot of times, it doesn't mean that you’re an “expert” lover already. While both men and females desire sex to be as pleasurable as it can be for their lovers, there’s in fact more to “exceptional” sex than simply keeping to a desired placement. Escorts In Canberra has a couple of handy ideas on how to steer clear of the frequent position blunders that most boys commit (but are too afraid to admit).

Don’t Just Stare At Her, Do A Little Something!

Countless guys just lie there in bed, and stare at their lovers moving up and down their shaft. Well, don’t just lie there, on the other hand make things a bit interesting. For instance, you can caress her breasts, or thrust your hips to match up her movements, or stimulate her clitoris. By doing these, it’s like you’re returning the favour to her for making you actually feel so good in bed, and you’ll offer her a lot of explosive ejaculations too.

Don't Oblige Your Lover to Do Anything She’s Not Contented With

One of the leading problems that a whole lot of men make, is coerce their partner to consent to a chosen sexual position, even if they’re not secure with it. Well, if you really think your companion’s just supposed to grin and do any position you suggest, think again. Keep in mind that the most outrageous erotic position embraced by your favorite porno movie star may not be acceptable to your partner. So, if you’d want to “cum” all over him or her (but he/she detests that), perhaps it would be possible that they won’t allow you back to bed!

Don’t Just Get Stuck with The Missionary Pose

A lot of guys keep doing the same position over and over. If you keep sticking to the same outdated missionary position, you could perhaps bore your girl to sleep. Try to be bold, and apply a bit of variation to spice up an otherwise sleepy intimate life. For example, if you like doing the traditional man-on-top thing, why not try side-by-side or other ergonomically-challenging positions? By trying a variety of positions, Lovely Canberra Escorts notes that you and your partner will experience a wide selection of mind-blowing sensations, and sexual climaxes as well.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sizzling Sexy Tunes To Heighten Your Sexual Mood

Canberra Escorts - Establishing the appropriate mood for love-making is one of the points you have to do when you're thinking of a crazy time of orgasms. It is exactly what makes every single thing appear away of this planet and just lets you center on the act only. Sexual intercourse experts state that musics enhance the experience to its ultimate efficiency. The selection of track is entirely up to you but try to carry in mind these three sensuous rhythms in your playlist just in case!

Give A Little More by Maroon 5
I'm waiting for something, always waiting
Feeling nothing, wondering if it'll ever change
And then I give a little more, oh babe ohhh
Give a little more, oh babe ohhh

Crazy In Love (Beyonce Cover) by Kadebostany
I am foolish and I don't do this
I've been playing myself, baby I don't care
Cuz your love got the best, the best of me
And baby you're making a fool of me

Gorilla by Bruno Mars
Ooh I got a body full of liquor
With a cocaine kicker
And I'm feeling like I'm thirty feet tall
So lay it down, lay it down

Getting the feel of the erotic rhythms of these three songs? Try them out with a siren from Canberra Escorts now! 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Without a Doubt - Nerdy Is Definitely The New Sexy

The Nerdy Appeal

Canberra Escorts - With everything that determines the human race nowadays, guys now have it challenging to find the lassie who can be sexy and elegant at the same time. So much elements have separated men and women lately that it ends up being strenuous to link the gap. And so, when a man sees a babe who knows her way with technological games or athletics – that's the crowning turn on and an automatic light bulb switch in the attraction.

For more versatile ladies, check out the Escorts in Canberra now! 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Lusty Effect of Dancing

Canberra Escorts - In the business of the sensual, there is nothing more intimately sex inspiring than a dance. Sex, after all, is another kind of contact concerning two or more people. This makes it evident for anybody as to how bars have become the center for folks with a mission – the search for the maximum sexual gratification.

Rhythmical techniques can become initiating factors for the motion towards frolicking and susceptibility. To put it flat out, dancing is a potent aphrodisiac.

Body Roll
If you're one of those bestowed with versatile bones, don't dillydally to do this dance move. Using your torso, create an S starting from your head down to your bottom. Be sure that you showcase your feminine curves. If you're  built with big boobs, show how perky and lively they can be. If you got a nice butt, let it stand out.

If you wish to see dance moves like these, you can always head to Cranberra Escorts that advertise ladies who can seriously bring it.

Monday, July 7, 2014

An Encircling Companionship of Canberra Escorts

The down-town of Canberra is positively filled with locations to glorify your gaze on. Ventures are erected anywhere and it would be appalling for you to go about without a partner in such crusade. The females of Australia are unequaled with their beauty and wits. They will function as your specialized citizen tour companion. She will alter the track of your getaway heading to an essentially wonderful one.

Obviously, how effective is a holiday when you cannot expend it with someone special? The solitary purpose for the creation of these highly remarked babes of Canberra Escorts is to assist you in accomplishing an unforgettable encounter. Depending on the length of your favoured appointment, they will be yours exclusively through time, granting you a taste of whatever is good in the area.

As the excellent providers, these reputable seductresses will be yours in any event. Whether it be a black tie banquet or a laid back picnic, look forward to them to express the much needed behavior that will certainly appeal to your liking. We are talking about expertness here and that is the quality that they take terrific pleasure on. From fancy dames to girls next door, feel a fleeting time with their interesting personality.

Canberra is the location where providers are widespread and highly regarded. Putting it to perspective, not everyone gets to appreciate having someone around majority of the time. These legitimate escort services intend to give you the unique memory that you so truthfully deserve. A beautiful place with a beautiful lady? Now that's seriously something that successfully embeds into your memory without needing energy.

At first, you would presume that escort operations are done under the public's eyes. It's all due of the damaging assumptions that border the idea. However, escort services do not exist for that alone. The nature of their task is to virtually be the companion that their lover needs.

The licensed agencies set-up sites that consist of the profiles of these high class pleasure givers. This is where the transactions take place and it is sensibly kept at a hush-hush. They don't have to worry about any falsified content because every posting is tested by a credited online professionals who monitor that each customer gets what they are entitled to. They are thoroughly notified of cons and that's the last thing they intend to be.

Not all are able to perform the role of an excellent companion and this is what the dazzling girls of Canberra can promise. They take pride in their ability. They know what it means to be smart. Ultimately, they recognise and posses the excellent qualities essential to be the most appropriate companions.

Once you land in land of Australia, be sure to drop by at Canberra Escorts and pick the lady who will bring you your most exquisite vacation experience yet!